March 4, 2009

11. 20 Years

So my friend Steph of UnderMyBed is doing a new project called the Diary Series which I'm pretty intrigued with. She sends out an open ended question and gets some very interesting (and often inspiring) responses.

The first question was: If you could be anywhere, doing anything you want, in 20 years (money isn't an issue -- you're comfortable, but not filthy rich), where would you be and what would you be doing? Don't limit yourself.

My response: In 20 years I'd like to be a licensed architect with my own successful firm designing museums, theatres, and the like (dream big right?). I will be designing my own house anywhere besides North America with huge windows and wood paneling and white sheets and mirrors. I'll be married to a gorgeous, successful man, preferably in the design/art field as well, with a couple adopted kids running around... maybe.